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EC Kids 

Best Day Ever!

Where fitness meets entertainment!

Celebrate with EC Kids!

 Parents choose EC Kids classes and Birthday Parties because we are inclusive and fully engaged with all of our amazing athletes.  Our caring instructions and "safety first" mature approach to skills leaves kids with more confidence after just one EC Kids ​high energy class. We focus on kids feeling good about themselves and having their  Best Day Ever!


Acro Air Gymnastics

Our Acro Air class is a 75 minute fun and challenging Gymnastics experience. Focusing on fine tuning air space awareness, flexibility and conditioning that helps build confidence to do all sports. Learn front & back flips, hand springs, dive rolls on over 100 feet of tumbling air mats!

Wednesday 3:30-4:45

Sept 21st - Nov 9th

Ages 5-9

Thursday 3:30-4:45

Oct 6-Nov 17

Ages 5-9

Limited Space Available

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Camp Dates

2023 Spring Break Camp

March 27 - April 7 

 Mon - Wed - Fri  


2023 Summer Camp 

June 12 - Aug 4  

Mon- Wed - Fri

Ages 5 & up

9:30- 3:30 Full Day $99

9:30 - 12:30 Morning Session $65

12:30 - 3:30 Afternoon Session $65

Limited Space Available

Once we receive your Registration 

 Forms we will send you a payment link.

 Spring Camp 2023

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Summer Camp 2023

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EC Kids 

Ninja Warrior Warped Wall

Available  now  for

Birthday Parties 

Play Dates

Special Events

Afterschool Programs / Fundraisers


"Everything Counts at EC Kids"

by Chris Atwood

When the pandemic first hit in 2020 and things locked down, I saw a lot of parents wandering around Culver City with slightly terrified looks on their faces. Raising kids is hard enough as it is, but being forced to do it without a support network of teachers, other parents or even a babysitter? My children are in their teens; I can only imagine the challenges when your child is younger and less self-reliant.

Then one day, at a park near my house, I saw what looked like a colorful day-camp...

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"When it comes to fun, EC Kids is off the charts!

.... EC Kids program is transforming lives. The focus is to teach children good habits for life using music, fitness, nutrition as well as to respect themselves and each other. Coming from musical theatre and child development backgrounds, founders JT and Debbie Moye' put their creative talents together to create a rewarding experience for children to work out and have fun."

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