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Everything Counts for Kids.

Teaching good fitness and nutrition habits for life.

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Our songs educate and inspire kids to

 Dream, Believe and Achieve by using

fun parodies of tunes they already know and original songs written by our "EC-Kids" Team.

EC Kids original song

"Dream Believe Achieve"

Bad Grub (Parody)

JT Moye ("EC FUN")

Fun EC Kids Parody

"Bad Grub!"

EC Kids original song

"Everything Counts"

"EC Kids know right from left.

EC Kids know right from wrong." 

EC Kids original song

"Right on, Leftover"

Fun EC Kids Parody

"All About the Box"

Super Caulliflower (Parody)

JT Moye (EC-FUN)

Fun EC Kids Parody

"Super Cauliflower"